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Educating Bwera Children

Bwera Charity Project-Uganda is non-political & non-profit making charity founded by Ugandan musician Pedson Kasume Kule with a mission to help widows and Orphans of Bwera in rural western Uganda.

Welcome to BCPU

Bwera Charity Project-Uganda is non-profit charitable organization registered with Kasese District Local Government of the Republic of Uganda as Christian based CBO, Registration No.747. The charity was founded in 2009 by Pedson Kasume Kule... read more.....

Mission Statement

The foundation of Bwera Charity Project-Uganda is attributed to a number of factors and events in the region from the 1960s to date. The civil wars and cruel governance of Iddi Amin and liberation wars of the 1980s caused a lot of bloodshed, destruction of farms... read more......

Pedson Kasume Kule

The charity was founded in 2009 by Pedson Kasume Kule, with a mission to reach out orphans and widows in rural western Uganda, to empower the children with provision of quality education, and mobilize widows for social and economic development.. read more......

Bwera Charity Project Volunteer Program

The widows and children of Bwera need your help!

We urgently need volunteers including health workers, teachers and any other skilled people that can help with our ongoing work for the bwera charity. Learn More...

Event Request for Pedson

If you are interested in Pedson performing at an event please email and let us know what event you want him to perform at and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Pedson will be available in the UK from Aptil 2013.

Sponsored Events

Sponsor Bike Ride 1st May
Gaynam Lock at the age of 67 will ride from Gosport to Lands End then on to John O Groats to raise funds for building a permanent children’s home and residential school in Bwera, Uganda.
All sponsors warmly welcomed. Read more about Gaynams ride.

Sponsor a Child Program

Our sponsorship program is dedicated to helping the children of bwera with their needs to deliver them from poverty and give them every chance through their developement with health and education needs. Many of the children in Bwera are orphans and for many a sponsor is their only hope. For more information please contact Pedson or Lucy at ukchaps.

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