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Pedson Kasume Kule

Life Dedicated to helping others with his musical talents and passion to bring happiness to those in most need through his faith.

Pedson's Story

Pedson Kasume was born in Bwera, Uganda, in 1982 to a famous Ugandan traditional musical family in rural western Uganda. His father who was a famous singer and dancer recognised his son’s talent and taught him to sing and dance. By the time Pedson was 8 years old he was an accomplished dancer and was in an Anglican church choir.

At the age of 12 Pedson was taken to join Ndere Troupe, based in Kampala the then Uganda’s top dance company where he was professionally trained and was given an education which his family could not afford. During the next 12 years he performed world-wide which led him to being awarded Ndere’s Artist of the Year Award in 2003, as he had mastered most of Uganda’s musical instruments such as the harp, lyres, fiddle, thump piano, xylophone, panpipes, trumpets and drum rhythms from over 56 tribes/cultures in Uganda. He is also a master dancer and teacher of over 10 Ugandan dances and has performed and taught at WOMAD festivals in Reading, Taranaki, Adelaide and the Greenbelt in Cheltenham.

After a dramatic life-changing conversion to Christianity, Pedson felt a call from God to leave the life of stardom and from this point ministered as a youth leader and music director at United Christian Centre, Bwaise- Kampala.

Later he felt that God wanted him to return to Bwera where he was born to care for the poor widows, orphans and people with disabilities within the nearby surrounding rural communities. This was the birth of Bwera Charity Project-Uganda.

Pedson now lives in Bwera with his wife Mabel, sons Ethan and Egan and  daughters Ethania and Ethlyn. He is the Pastor at United Christian Center-Bwera (UCC-BWERA).

When time allows, Pedson continues to perform, as required, as part of his bid to raise funds and awareness of the plight of the widows, orphans and disabled that face abject poverty in Western Uganda. He has performed in the USA, Australia, New Zealand,Japan,Germany, Switzerland and UK within festivals, school workshops and with young offenders.

In the future Pedson hopes to fulfil his vision of building a residential orphanage school to house and educate some of the country’s most poor and vulnerable whilst overseeing the works of the charity amongst the widows and disabled.

Below Pedson on the beach in the UK singing his song wuli mubuya with the Bow Harp.